Agritourism farm "Burdanówka" and the charming village of Kryniczki are not only the perfect place to enjoy your holiday, but also a great base for trips to visit many of the exciting sights nearby.


Izbica is located in Lublin Upland (Działów Grabowiecki), 12 km south of Krasnystaw and 22 km north of Zamość, by the river Wieprz and surrounded by Skierbieszów Landscape Park. Amongst the must-see attractions of the borough we can list: early 19th century park and palace complex in Tarnogóra, Stryjów and Orłów Murowany, 18th century shrines and a church complex with the famous St Sophie, built in 1544 in Tarnogóra.

Also worth mentioning is popular in winter ski slope "Bobliwo".

Skierbieszów Landscape Park

The Park lies within the boroughs of Izbica, Kraśniczyn, Krasnystaw, Grabowiec, Miączyn, Sitno, Stary Zamość and Skierbieszów. The main characteristic of Skierbieszów Landscape Park is its hilly land form with deep gorges formed in a several meters thick layer of loess rocks, which cover almost whole territory of the park. Within the park you can find many precious monuments of architecture. We count amongst them late Renaissance church in Bończa (15th century, rebuilt from a Calvinist church), churches in Skierbieszów (17th century) , Surhów (19th century), all of them surrounded by parks belonging to palace and courts complexes.


Krasnystaw is situated in an ecological network of protected areas and partially in Grabów - Strzelin territory of the protected landscape. Since 1971 the city has been organizing National Festival of Brewers and Hop-growers "Chmielaki Krasnostawskie". The festivities take place over three days in early September. The must-see monuments in Krasnystaw are: Baroque complex of Jesuitic buildings, built in the first half of 17th century bishop's palace and monasteries. You can also visit Regional Museum, where impressive collections of art, antiques, numismatics, and ethnography of the area can be admired.


The city is one of important centres for culture, education and tourism in the whole voivodeship, and particularly in the region. Thanks to the unique architectural complex of buildings in Old City, it's called ?The Pearl of Renaissance", "The City of Arcades" and "Padua of the North".

Most of the monuments are located in the Old Town of the city. Thanks to its importance to the world's heritage the district has been registered by UNESCO in the prestigious World Heritage List. The city offers extensive tourist and gastronomic infrastructure. Apart from the Old Town and Rotunda with its galleries and museums, another interesting attraction of the city is the only ZOO in the voivodeship (one of three East of Vistula River, the others are located in Warsaw and Plock). The Old Town is counted amongst 7 Wonders of Poland, chosen from 27 candidates in 2007 by the readers of daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita", making Zamość the more attractive.


The city is situated south-east of Lublin, north of Zamość and south of Biała Podlaska, 25 km from Ukrainian border. It is located by river Bug's left inflow, river Uherka, on one of its kind in Central Europe chalk soil and stands out thanks to its rich history of three cultures - Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish. There are two woodlands in the city: by the north - west outskirts of Chełm there is Kumowa Dolina, and by the eastern periphery Borek. By Borek's eastern edge lies 1,12 ha big Wolwinów Nature Reserve. Chełm hosts 5 city parks and 13 nature monuments. You can find here rare species of fauna and flora. Not far from the city there is Chełm Landscape Park. In located within the city Borek woodland authorities established a marked fitness trail. In Chełm ongoing developments of cycle paths provide easy access to neighbouring villages.

Jedną z unikalnych atrakcji jest możliwość spotkania z duchem Bieluchem podczas zwiedzania niepowtarzalnej w skali kraju kopalni kredy.


Krasnobród is the local hub for services, health spa and a popular destination for holiday makers in Roztocze Środkowe. In the summer crowds are attracted by river Wieprz and the opportunity it gives to cool down in its waters or to sunbathe. In winter the main attraction is 500 meters long drag lift on Chełmowa Mountain. You can use the ski run until late as it is lit up after dark.

Amongst the monuments you can find Leszczyński Palace from 17th - 18th century. In this palace and park complex there is also Janusz Korczak's Sanatorium for Children (Podzamek Estate), where upper respiratory tract infection and motor system disorders are treated.



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